Public Art

Public art occupies a special place in the Easthampton community: enhancing our surroundings, weaving creativity and culture into the fabric of our City, and prompting us to engage with the world around us by pausing, seeing, looking, thinking, feeling, or participating in a creatively activated space.

Public Art in Easthampton

Easthampton City Arts values the positive impact of art in its public spaces. Murals, site-specific sculptural installations, and artist-designed bike racks can be found throughout the greater downtown area. Past projects commissioned by ECA have been made possible with additional funding from local businesses and the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

What does it mean to Activate a space?

Public art has a unique ability to “activate” a space. But what does that mean? One ECA artist recently put it this way: “It’s art that asks you to be present and to see, or that invites someone to pause or to reconsider. Successful public art invites someone to participate actively in their own experience of time and space.”

Get Involved

Easthampton City Arts has a public art subcommittee, convening the third Wednesday of every month. All are welcome to attend. Discussions involve explorations of upcoming opportunities as they relate to public art in Easthampton, considerations for new ideas put forth by members of the community, and committee-proposed projects that activate Easthampton’s public spaces and can inspire residents and visitors alike.

Calls for public art are posted from time to time. Please check the Call For Art page or Contact Us to learn more.