ECA Coordinating Committee

Easthampton City Arts (ECA) is a cultural initiative of the City of Easthampton and is part of the City Planning department. ECA consists of a City Arts Coordinator and the ECA Coordinating Committee, and oversees the activities of the Art Walk Subcommittee, Cottage Street Cultural District Subcommittee, Literary Arts Subcommittee, and the Public Art Subcommittee.

ECA Governance

The ECA governing board consists of the City Arts Coordinator, the City Planner, and the Coordinating Committee. This 9-seat municipal Committee is comprised of volunteer artists, local business owners, and community leaders.

Together with the City Arts Coordinator this group oversees the vision and direction of arts and cultural programming for the City of Easthampton.

Engaging with Community

Members of the public are welcome to join the ECA Coordinating Committee, provided there is an open seat. ECA Committee meetings follow the City’s Open Meeting Laws and interested members of the public are encouraged to attend and participate! Minutes and Agendas can be accessed free online via the City’s main website.

ECA Coordinating Committee meetings take place on the fourth Thursday of every month at 5:30pm at the ECA Gallery, located in Old Town Hall at 43 Main Street in Easthampton, MA. For a more detailed overview of ECA’s governance and procedures, please read the ECA Charter.

Community Ties

In addition to the City Arts Coordinator and the Coordinating Committee, ECA also includes the following groups:

Cottage Street Cultural District Sub-committee
Cottage Street Cultural District Sub-committee
Public Art Sub-committee
Public Art Sub-committee
And the Easthampton Cultural Council
And the Easthampton Cultural Council

Current ECA Coordinating Committee members include:

  • Marjory Zaik
    Marjory Zaik
  • Matt Waugh
    Matt Waugh Business owner, musician
  • Denise M. Riggs
    Denise M. Riggs Committee Chair, Founding Member, Artist
  • Ted Perch
    Ted Perch Video Production, Easthampton Media
  • Jeff Bagg
    Jeff Bagg City Planner, City of Easthampton
  • Pasqualina Azzarello
    Pasqualina Azzarello City Arts Coordinator, City of Easthampton

ECA Promotes Arts, Culture, and Community