Easthampton City Arts serves tens of thousands of people each year through dynamic public programming and community events that are fun and engaging for people of all ages. Most of these events are free of charge. This would not be possible without an extensive network of exceptionally dedicated volunteers!

Collective Impact, Community Support

ECA values and appreciates the dedication and efforts of our volunteers. Whether lending a hand for an event, assistance with installing a gallery show, or help with a special project, ECA is always grateful for the time and talents that our community members so generously share with us. We routinely work with volunteers across all aspects of our organization, engaging with 100+ volunteers annually, who collectively contribute 2,000+ volunteer hours to ECA each and every year! Thank you ALL for your energy, efforts, and support!

Want to lend a hand?

Fill out the form below to give us a sense of your availability, skills, and interests! If there’s a match, we will reach out to you. We need volunteers with all kinds of skills, abilities, and availability, including assistance with big events like Cultural Chaos or our annual fundraiser, special projects requiring special skills, and more routine work including gallery sitting or data entry. One of our greatest needs right now is for gallery attendants – the more volunteers we have, the more our galleries can be open to the public each week!