Our Sponsors & Community Partners

Easthampton City Arts is a unique and effective organizational model, as it functions within the municipal government of the City of Easthampton and is fueled and supported by an extensive network of dedicated community members, partners, and sponsors.

It Takes a Village

ECA simply could not provide the comprehensive programming and services it does on City or grant funding alone. As an organization, we also rely on the remarkable generosity of the Easthampton community in the form of volunteers, individual donors, and of course, our sponsors.


  • Consists of one staff person
  • Is a grassroots, community-fueled organization
  • Appreciates the dedicated efforts of its 100+ dedicated volunteers each year
  • Produces positive, engaging, and accessible arts and cultural programming
  • Serves tens of thousands of people annually
  • Relies on the generous contributions of our sponsors, both financial and in-kind

We encourage you to support these local businesses and organizations, as they support us!

Let’s Work Together!