Cultural Chaos 2023

Cultural Chaos is our Annual Street Festival, highlighting and celebrating the local artists, performers, and businesses that make Easthampton unique!

Please join us for the 10th Anniversary of our Cultural Chaos street festival on Saturday June 10th from 12-5pm!


  • Dr. Diana Alvarez
  • Crimson Canary
  • Eavesdrop
  • Isosceles Groove
  • Juggler Meadow String Band
  • Krewe Les Gras
  • Moxie
  • Zack Cross Trio
  • Rebelle
  • Rebirth
  • Shokazoba
  • Tony Silva
  • Soultree
  • Chander Travis Three-O w/Kami Lyle
  • Valley Jazz Voices
  • SHOW Circus Studio
  • Caravan Puppets
  • Snackbeard

Labor of Love

Cultural Chaos takes place in Easthampton’s Cottage Street Cultural District on the second Saturday of June. Each year, the event’s visioning, planning, and implementation is a real team effort between ECA, the Cottage Street Cultural District Subcommittee, local sponsors, and more than 100+ volunteers.

Fun & Free for All

There’s something for everyone at Cultural Chaos! Puppets, stilt-walkers, circus acts, dancers, musicians, and performance artists – plus a variety of restaurants, artists, makers, poets, and literaries. Creative hearts from every discipline line the street and open their businesses’ doors to share their unique wares and imaginations with the 10,000+ attendees who come from far and wide each year. Please come join the fun of Easthampton’s home-spun Chaos!

Want to Participate?

Applications to participate in Cultural Chaos as an artist, musician, or performer are accepted annually. We’d also love to hear from those of you who’d like to volunteer!



Restaurants and food vendors of Easthampton are eligible to apply to participate at Cultural Chaos.



Community organizations that serve the greater Easthampton community may apply to host a tent at Cultural Chaos.



Local + regional Artists, Poets, Musicians, and Performers may apply to participate at Cultural Chaos. Let us know what you’ll be doing so that we may include you!

Volunteer to be a part of Cultural Chaos team!

Check out all the ways to be involved and register today.

A Glimpse at Cultural Chaos

Join us at Cultural Chaos to experience and celebrate the arts & culture of Easthampton!