Heros and Villains

The Black Labyrinth and Comics N More are joining forces to assemble a group art show of our favorite Heroes and Villains on August 5th 2022. The show will not only be in conjunction with [...]

Isabel Ramirez Art Exhibit

A wonderful new series by local Artist: Isabel Ramirez. Mixed media textural paintings focusing on opposing color tones blue and orange to create depth and space between 2 dimensions on canvas.

Paintings by Val Colesnikov

Val Colesnikov, he’s 73 years old, was born in Moldova, became an artist without experience about 5 years ago, started like a little hobby, want to share some good memories with people [...]

Intention, Christine Hartman

I intend for each work to have its own reality, presence, to find that in nature, to develop it in the painting. As I work, the painting must come to direct my choices by its needs. I intend for [...]

Tour of 2nd Floor of Old Town Hall

Join us for a guided walk through the second floor of Old Town Hall. While you are at Old Town Hall check out a new exhibitions at Elusie and ECA Galleries during Art Walk Easthampton and music [...]

Tony Silva Plays Spanish Guitar

Stay cool in CitySpace’s Blue Room in Old Town Hall during Art Walk Easthampton. Enjoy classic songs from Spain and Latin America performed by guitarist Tony Silva. Free and open to all. Tony [...]