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Waxing Natural By Patricia Jenks

Waxing Natural by Patricia Jenks
WHEN: February 6th – March 2nd, 2019
ART WALK ARTIST RECEPTION: Saturday, February 9th, 5-8pm
WHERE: ECA Gallery, 43 Main Street, Easthampton, MA 01027
Waxing Natural highlights the sculptural work in encaustic by artist Patricia Jenks, where the artist uses natural materials embedded in beeswax on hardwood panels to create unusual objects. Jenks’ mission is to give viewers a fresh perspective on ordinary natural materials by presenting them in extraordinary juxtapositions. For a more in depth exploration, please refer to Jenks’ artist statement:
“My current body of work using encaustic in 3D is about exploring how the natural world intertwines with our innermost needs, wishes and desires—beauty, mystery, connection, yearning, passion. To me, the natural color of beeswax is so luxurious and sensuous, both in texture, scent, and to the eye. When intermixed with other types of unusual natural forms and colors, the combinations that intuitively form themselves are both stimulating and new but also reminiscent of older more primal forms and visual expressions. I find that the circular format with its universal spiritual significance is a recurring image that finds its way into much of my work, past and present, 3D or 2D. It feels so intuitively whole, calm and profound, no matter what type of materials I may be working with at any given moment and I love the unpredictable things that happen even when using it repeatedly for a series of pieces. This body of encaustic work has been one of the most enjoyable I have worked on because I am so constantly surprised, delighted and enlightened as I learn more about working with the wax and explore working with new natural found materials. At this point in my life, having let go of many of my previous work obligations, I am able to spend more time creating art that reflects my belief in expressing gratitude and wonder for the uniqueness of the naturally created world.”
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