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The Art of the Word

Words help us make sense of our world. We use words to define us and communicate our thoughts and feelings. They bring clarity, purpose, and understanding. It’s fascinating how words can show up in our space in so many different ways.

“The Art of the Word” explores the power of the word as it shows up in different art forms. We’ll look at how a word or sets of words can create a meaning that images themselves could not. We’ll look at how the addition of a word can add a whole new level to a piece of art. The words can also let us have a glimpse into the mind of the artist while at the same time, giving you, the viewer, another way to see his or her creativity, thoughts and feelings.

We explore and expose different avenues of art that are used to communicate. Not just paintings and sculpture, but also poetry, video, dance, and stories.

Expression of our minds and souls is crucial to living a fulfilled life. Words help us to make a 2 dimensional world come alive.

Throughout the month #LOCAL will explore and expose different avenues of art that are used to communicate such as poetry, video, and storytelling: Music, Monologues, & Storytelling on April 20th from 6-8 and Poetry Night Out on May 1st from 6-8.

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