In MAP Gallery

For the month of February, the MAP Gallery will showcase a number of works inspired by the theme of LOVE: self-love, romantic love, loss of love, compassion, devotion, etc. The artwork echoes the passion of our artists and the holiday through color, subject, and mood. As a group exhibition, the exhibit is both a reminder of the exceptional abilities of our artist members as well as artists living within our community.

Exhibiting artists include: Henry Amistadi, Kris Badertscher, Amber Bartosz, Nancy Caffall, Megan Campbell, Peter Cangialosi, Luke Cavagnac, Daniel Chiaccio, Carolyn Cushing, Laura Douglass, Tracey Eller, Maria Jose Gimenez, Danielle, Halfacre, Lisa Hersey, Audrey Hyvonen, Patricia Jenks, Antti Kaisla, Jeff Kelley, DK Knauer, Richard LaBombard, Roger Lobdell, Doris Madsen, Kristin Maher, Beth McElhiney, Valerie McQuinllan, Michael Medeiros, Simone Alter Muri, Rose O’Shei, Amanda Petrovato, Ted Perch, Meg Reilly, Denise M Riggs, Dave Rothstein, Marjorie Tauer, Sloan Tomlinson, Charlene Wooden.

Love Show is at the MAP Gallery in Eastworks (116 Pleasant Street, Rm #137) from February 11th – 24th.
Gallery hours are Wednesdays & Fridays from 12 noon – 5pm.

The Mill Arts Project is a collaborative project between Easthampton City Arts+ and Eastworks that offers gallery space to incubate new curatorial voices in a community context. For more information please contact ECA+ at 413-527-1425.