Susan Montgomery

Visual Artist

The presentation of women in history, culture and our communal memory is the subject of my work. I am drawn to flesh and blood heroes, literary protagonists as well as heroes who may or may not have existed. I am always interested in those rare heroes whose strength of vision enables them to ignore the almost overpowering messages of their own historical periods. Some of the women or groups of women I have explored in my work include; Marie Curie, The Radium Girls, Pope Joan, The Daughters of Saint Crispin, Emily Dickenson, Mary Bliss Parsons: Accused Witch, and literary protagonists such as Hester Prynne. At its core my art deals with the relationships between memory, written and oral histories, nostalgia, misinformation, cover ups and lies and how this complex web plays out socially, politically and emotionally through the stories that I focus on.

Susan Montgomery is a visual artist who lives, works and teaches in Western Massachusetts.

Exhibitions: Five College Womens Research Center, 2016-present. Ongoing exhibit of paintings and drawings. Fuller Craft Museum: 2017, Sculpture Installation Hampden Gallery, UMASS at Amherst, 2017, critique group show Sculpture Magazine, (June 2017), review of my sculpture installation. Sustainable Artist Foundation Award, 2015