Roger and Christy Patrick

Baseball Paintings and Urban Landscapes

Roger and Christy moved to Massachusetts in 2002 from Minneapolis, MN, where Roger attained an MFA in Painting, so that Christy could attend the grad school at UMass. After receiving her MFA in 2D Studies, the couple moved with their son, Cole, to Easthampton, where they currently reside, paint and draw, and operate their website.

The couple has been asked by the US Dept of State to show work at the US Embassy in Chad, Africa (which has been postponed due to political turmoil). Roger had several pieces of his art circulated on the covers of Ebbets Field Flannels and was featured in the baseball literary journal, Elysian Fields Quarterly. Christy is currently in an exhibition in Cameroon, West Africa while Roger awaits the publishing of another feature on his work, this time by Major League Baseball. Roger will also be in the upcoming Sandy Koufax exhibition presented by the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.