David Shapleigh

One of my aims in my work is to represent the truth about the object I am recreating. While some of the images and objects I create are not real, the work is created from direct observation. I do not consider myself a “Realist” as it is often described or portrayed, but as an artist that is committed to the exploration of my visual perception through drawing and painting in the fullest plastic meaning of these terms. Furthermore, I choose to experiment with my ideas on creating art or my ideas about an object by interacting with it through different media, and then repeatedly do it in different ways, allowing the idea to develop and not settle on a particular outcome. The subject matter that allows this process to develop is the people and the objects in my immediate environment. When creating this work, I do not wish to portray my emotions. Representing the truth about the object I am recreating forces me to be as objective as possible about this object or subject. Working in this manner will encourage the viewer of the piece of work to do the same. I want the viewer to look with his eyes and not allow his stored visual references or prior information to interfere with this viewing process. I would like the viewer to respond to how the image was created as much as I would like him to react visually to the object being pictured. The material application or the composition may not allow the viewer to relate to the picture in the familiar way that he expects. Consequently, he must relate the best he can with the image. While the application of the material is not transparent or neutral, it is not apparent to the viewer at first.

Education: Boston University, Boston, MA Master of Fine Arts, 1999, Constantin Alajalov Award University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, N. Dartmouth, MA Bachelors of Fine Arts, 1994 Employment: Westfield State University, Westfield, MA Associate Professor of Art, 2008-current

Bromfield Gallery, “New Work” 2014, Boston, MA, Brattleboro Museum & Art Center, “Open Call NNE” 2015, Brattleboro, VT, Wheaton Biennial, “Drawing Out of Bounds”, 2013, Beard & Weil Galleries, Wheaton College, Norton, MA, Reach 2013, Easthampton / Holyoke, MA, Amherst Biennial, 2012, Wallace L. Anderson Gallery, “New Work” 2008, Bridgewater State University, Bridgewater, MA