In ECA Gallery

Featuring new, collaboroative, mixed media artworks by Scout Cuomo, Maria Jose Gimenez, Maggie Nowinski & Katie Richardson.

Opening Reception: Saturday April 8, 5-8pm
Closing Reception: Saturday April 29, 6-8pm

Exhibition Statement:

We exist as fragmented selves in fragmented spaces, cities, worlds; we speak different languages and express ourselves through different mediums. How do we coexist in a limited space? How do we, individually and collectively, respond to the sudden here and now? How do we locate a space in which to bring together seemingly dissimilar views, stories, and vocabularies?

Provided with the opportunity to collaborate for this show, we learn from each other’s language and draw our practices together into a collection of layered objects. We use time and space constraints to our advantage and combine the basic units of our individual languages (ink, paint, metal, glass, text) into internal and external dialogues of light and space, words and color.

In LEX|SCENES, we allow our work to inhabit and cohabitate in a confined space—a book of objects, stories told in layered light. This room filled with images, objects, and poems is our collective voice, a translation of our seemingly dissimilar practices as a radical gesture to defy separation and difference, to bring our work into the luminous intimacy of collaboration.