In MAP Gallery

This month at MAP Gallery we feature an exhibit of photographs depicting abandoned buildings and urban decay, in History in Ruins. The exhibition runs March 10-28 and feautures new works by Mike Minicucci, David Manch, Derek Watt, Digital Dirtbag, Kris Denkers, Karrianne Waters, Stacey Bouley, Bob Bernier, John Mooney, & Kate Broderick.

In the shadowy corners of nearly every New England town sits a piece of history. Often overlooked, and sometimes reviled, these modern-day artifacts are part of a bygone era, whose piece count continues to dwindle each day. Tossed aside for modernization, or perhaps fallen victim to simple economics, these relics stand stoic, while telling the story of human life in an earlier time. They are time capsules sitting in our midst.

The captivating works you see in this exhibit are by 10 New England based artists who share the same passion and commitment to documenting these fallen landmarks through their photography. They have traveled New England extensively, to abandoned asylums, schools, hospitals, homes, theaters, junkyards, and industrial sites, searching out the remnants of what once was. Decayed and forgotten, these relics and ruins bare testament to the certainty that people once invested much of their lives there. Now only the echoes of silence fill the empty rooms and hallways.

By capturing images of these urban ruins, a new legacy has been created. The photographers in this exhibit hope that their works preserve not only the magnificence of bygone architecture, but the memories of the people who once inhabited them.