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BIG INK Woodcut Extravaganza” by Lyell Castonguay and Carand Burnet is Easthampton City Arts+’s first selected Hatch project, an incubator program for projects that impact and benefit the Easthampton community through creativity. Castonguay and Burnet used seed funding from Hatch to put towards purchasing a large-scale mobile etching press. Through their project BIG INK, Castonguay and Burnet work with artists to create large-scale wood block prints. The new portable press will allow BIG Ink to take their giant traveling press to communities. The press will debut in Easthampton at Cultural Chaos on June 11, 2016. They are working with artists from Shark Tank Tattoo located in Easthampton as well as other artists to make up to 4 x 8 ft. woodblock prints in plein air. Cultural Chaos goers will have the opportunity to see the prints created on the street. Their crowdfunding campaign has successfully surpassed its initial goal of $6000 before the campaign’s end date. The artists increased the stretch goal to include purchasing a trailer to help take it to other communities.

Listen to Castonguay speak more about the project with Betsy Stone on the Bill Newman Show.

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