In ECA Gallery

KAREN IGLEHART “Considering Water” June 1-29

This collection of oil paintings and photographs represent an exploration of the relationship between painting and photography, within the context of water. I have been involved with photography primarily as a “note taking” process for my paintings. A way to remember color. light and atmosphere. It wasn’t until a recent trip to Venice that I was inspired to take photography more seriously and have some images printed. It was a separate expression from my painting, though the framing of the photographs originate from my “painter’s eye”.

This show is the first opportunity to weave the two media together, having each inspire the other, and using the photographs as jumping off points for the paintings. I am not seeking a representation of one in the other, but rather a weaving of qualities. The subject of water intrigues me…it’s movement, color, reflective qualities, and the aspect of “no boundary”.

These paintings are a shift for me into more “activity” of paint, though strong gestural brushwork is, and has been, a unique aspect of my paintings.

The photographs are painterly images arising out of a larger and more descriptive situation.

I hope you enjoy this exploration with me.
Karen Iglehart
June 2017