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We are thrilled to announce ECA’s first-ever virtual exhibition of visual art, POST PAUSE!  With support from ECA’s Artist Grants Initiative, local artist and curator Maggie Nowinski worked closely with our friends at Cider House Media to create this new online space. In the immediate term, it offers an exhibition of visual artworks created by local and regional artists–all of which was made during this time of pandemic. And, on account of this new resource, we will be utilizing it for future exhibitions moving forward as well.

We invite and encourage you all to click through each of the icons in the gallery to see the art and to read each artist’s statement about what this time, and their work, has meant for them. All of us at ECA so value and appreciate the working artists of our immediate and extended communities–standing in truth and expressing it so honestly, while creating new opportunities for us all to connect with one another and to help us navigate through this time.

Huge thanks and congratulations to Maggie Nowinski for your incredible efforts these last several months! And huge thanks and congratulations to all of the participating artists for sharing your visions and voices with us! We all appreciate it so much!
*A full list of participating artists can be found below.



POST PAUSE is an online arts exhibition of works created during this time of pandemic in recognition of the expanded community of artists working in Western Massachusetts. All artworks featured in this show were created after Friday March 13, 2020. Support for the artists, exposure, and connection are primary goals.

The creative practice of many artists and performers has inevitably been impacted by changes in our local and global realities since the emergence of COVID-19. Works included overtly or quietly respond to the complexities of this moment.

The goal of this online exhibition is to amplify this shared moment and make visible a representation a diverse array of artists in our region, using the Easthampton City Arts website as a hub. The hope is to promote connection and creative momentum in this time of potential isolation now and moving forward, and to include many voices in this visual conversation. Viewers are directly linked with artists to encourage the sale of works or to support artists in other ways. Artists are also encouraged to reach out to one another to form new dialogues and links within our community.

Curator Maggie Nowinski will be highlighting a selection of artists and works from this larger exhibition from November 2020 through January of 2021 via the Easthampton City Arts Instagram account @easthamptoncityarts.



Adell Donaghue
A. L. R. Keaton
Amy Dawn Kotel
Amy Johnquest
Amy Thompson Avishai
Andrae Green
Anita Hunt
Anne Taylor
Ariel Kotker
Audrey Hyvonen
Baird Soules
Bobbie Salthouse
Bonnie Sennott
Brantner DeAtley
Brittany Arita
Catherine Gibbs
Chelsea Dupuis
Chris Nelson
Coe Lapossy
Connor O’Rourke
Daniel Feldman

Dara Herman Zierlein
Dave Rothstein
Dean Nimmer
Denise M. Riggs
Doris W. Madsen
Ella Nathanael Alkiewicz
Ellen Mary Hayes
Ellen M Broadhurst
Eric Jacobson
Esther S White and Solomon Kahn
Fafnir Adamites
Gabriela Sepulveda
George Ramirez
Hannah Prosenbaum
Imo Imeh
Jace “Rascal” Smith
Jacin Giordano
Jacob Capone
Jason Montgomery
Jean Minuchin

Jen Delgado
Jessica R Poser
Jotham Stavely
Katy Staddon
Kim Carlino
Lily Fariborz
Linda Batchelor
Liz Chalfin and Sheldon Carroll
Lydia M Kinney
Lyn Horan
Lynn Peterfreund
Lynn Sisler
Madge Evers
María José Giménez
Martha Brouwer
Mary Cleary
Mary Witt
Megan P Campbell
Melissa McClung
Melissa Pandina
Meredith Broberg
Nancy Diessner
Paulette Griswold
Peter O. Zierlein
Priya Green
Robert Markey
Robert Salthouse
Rob Kimmel
Rochelle Shicoff
Sandy Litchfield
Scout Cuomo
Seth Koen
Sharon Ligorner
Simone Alter Muri
Terry Rooney
Thomas Matsuda
Zoe Sasson


Click here to see the POST PAUSE virtual exhibition.
And thank you, Artists, for sharing your work!