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We’re thrilled to announce and welcome our incoming Easthampton Poet Laureate Carolyn Cushing!

Carolyn A. Cushing is a lyric poet inspired by nature and currently focused on the places where life and death meet. Her poems have been published in local, regional, and national poetry journals. As an active member of the Connecticut River Valley’s poetry community, she attends and helps facilitate poetry readings, literary events, and gatherings for writers. Inspired by seeing the collaborations of Easthampton creatives since moving here in 2000, she seeks out ways to collaborate with fellow writers and artists as well as share poetry in more dynamic formats, resulting in projects such as the Poetry Oracle (2020) and Chapbook in the Street (2022).

Carolyn is a recipient of grants from the Easthampton Cultural Council and Massachusetts Cultural Council, and was a finalist for the Philbrick Poetry Award of the Providence Athenaeum (2012) and the Tarantula Poetry Contest of Pilgrimage Journal (2018). Find her online at

We invite you to join us at the Easthampton Poet Laureate Inauguration, Celebration, and Presentation on Saturday April 22nd at 6pm at ECA Gallery. The event will feature readings by Carolyn Cushing as well as Easthampton Poets Laureate Jason Montgomery and Alex Woolner. A full list of Poetry Month programming can be found below.