María José Giménez

This year my work runs along two main threads: How misperception and the painful separation it causes cuts deeper in these splintered virtual times. And the path that reveals: a daily commitment to see myself and others as whole. How can I re-member and re-cord what truly matters? Seeking moments of grounded beauty and deep connection has become a daily charge. Finding them is a gift of grace, a soothing balm. And learning how to honor it, a priceless lesson sometimes found in my own backyard.

María José Giménez is based in Easthampton, MA


I am not a woman
I don’t have

a husband
or children

only lovers
buried fetuses

and books

~ María José Giménez


early morning sun
a moon on the water

tobacco, cedar ash
two hulls full of questions

in verse to carry in their wake
a drop of ale and maple

grace ripples the Oxbow

~ María José Giménez

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translation or prayer (for remembrance)

for George Floyd 

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