PJ Niver

I am currently working on a series of paintings of Mt. Tom. He’s a generous and patient model.

I chose to move to Easthampton because of its dramatic ever present views of Mt. Tom, the quiet Nashawannuck Pond that defines its center and the surrounding culture. I choose to stay here because of its community. I was born in the Berkshires and raised in southern CT. In 1984, I bought a VW microbus and traveled with my cat – working, drawing, writing and making friends along the way. I made the Florida Keys my home base. After 7 years of perpetual spring, summer and beautiful flat horizons, mountains called me back. I moved to NH to help a friend build a house on a mountain, living in a lean-to. I spent the winter in Europe and Morocco. When I returned, I wasn’t done experiencing culture and city life. I moved to Providence, RI, attending RISD for 6 years. Country living then called me. I bought a small farm in NH and adopted potbelly pigs, goats, and dogs. I shared my house with interesting people and travelers for 12 years. While there, I worked with wonderful students, poets, and philosophers at UNH. But NH didn’t feel like home to me. I wanted to live in a place with a strong sense of community. I also didn’t want to always be car dependent. Family matters called me to the Berkshires and Easthampton became my base while I tended to them. Easthampton has a good mix of culture, architecture, mountains, shorelines, walkability, a strong sense of community and a progressive philosophy. Two years ago, I began to share a Cottage Street Studio with the hope that with a designated space within the studio community, I would resume painting and drawing. It has started to happen.

I was a graphic designer for many years and produced illustrations for publications. I have created paintings and drawings on commission. I have displayed work in shows in Stamford,CT and the Florida Keys.