Marissa Donnellan

Marissa R. Donnellan, Fine Art and Stock Photography

I have a great appreciation for old photographic methods and a curiousity for the new. I am an eternal student, pushing forward in digital methods while rediscovering traditional and alternative darkroom processes.

I was raised in a small town in Upstate New York in the home my parents still live in. I have moved around quite a bit as an adult. Wanderlust took me to Europe for three years, the United Arab Emirates for five years, and I have called many beautiful states home, including Alaska, Hawaii, and Vermont. I moved to Easthampton, MA in 2012, which to me combines the best of many worlds- nature, art, and an inquisitive, easygoing community.

Work currently displayed in Clusters @ Elusie Gallery and dECAde in the ECA+ Gallery.