Jessica Brady-Young

Intuitive Fluid Art Cultivated From Intuition

Psychotherapist by day, intuitive artist Jessica Young channels her daily insights and revelations in mental health and healing into works of art that express the inner workings of her mind and the mind of those she helps. Using a combination of Alcohol Inks, Fluid Acrylic paints, Swarovski crystals and Gold leaf, her intuition guides her to which materials to combine to create one of a kind pieces that are sure to not only capture your eye but also your mind. Having spent much of her life searching for a therapeutic outlet, Jessica’s art reflects the lifelong journey into self-care and mental wellness. Jessica tries to exude a sense of peace and tranquility in her art that transposes onto the viewers soul, making it hard to forget the uniqueness of each piece.

Jessica has no formal art training but carries two clinical degrees in Psychology and is also a Yoga instructor, mediation guide and holistic healer. She spends her free time creating art and jewelry, collecting rocks and minerals and snuggling up with her husband Kyle and pup Zoey.

Two clinical degrees in Psychology. Self taught artist.