Charles M. Fisher


I’ve always had an interest in painting, particularly the work of the 19th century landscape and genre artists. Over the course of my career as a antiques dealer I’ve had many opportunities to study their work and find great satisfaction in attempting to do what they did. My painting has presented me with many wonderful and exciting moments and I look forward to many more in the future. I favor using antique frames for my paintings and do so on most ocassions.

I’m a native of Southampton and except for a few years early on I’ve lived here all my life. I spent most of my working years as a dealer, restorer and appraiser of mostly 18th and 19th century American antique furniture. In addition to antiques, my late wife Shirley and I restored 3 of Southamptons’ 18th century homes including my present home, the Israel Sheldon house, in which I was born.

I started my painting career in January 2009 and have had several shows. I’ve also exhibited in other events that have provided me with the opportunity to meet many wonderful and helpful people. It has been my good fortune, through sales, to now have a number of my paintings in the collections of private individuals and an institution.