Sue Leslie

All 3 of these pieces are a bit of life and hope for me. Zentangle came into my life after a life changing experience of open heart surgery 6 years ago. Piece #1 the Yin/yang was done as a challenge for a Zentangle group using several different tangles but the design was of my doing to express ups and downs of my life. Piece #2 wanted to take me on it's wings to a better place for that day. And piece #3 brings pleasure with the feathers to connect me to nature which is one of my favorite places to be. My art work which is inspired by the Zentangle method is done for the process, the meditation and calm it brings to my life. I always hope for another day and the opportunity do do another piece of art work and to be grateful for what I have and can do. I picked 3 of my pieces with orange in them as a tribute to this mission of Wear Orange to support those affected by gun violence.

Sue Leslie is based in Vadito, New Mexico

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