Jacin Giordano

These works are from a series that I call ``Fantasy Baseball.`` The title refers to the combination of my source material--my childhood collections of baseball cards, comic cards, and comic books, but the title also refers to ``fantasy`` sports leagues where people live vicariously through athletes week to week as pseudo coaches/managers. These fantasy leagues have always seemed to me like a twisted illustration of the way reality and fantasy collide as real athletes are treated like characters in a superfluous fictional story. Additionally, the current popularity of Marvel movies can seem like little more than corporate executives exploiting the nostalgic impulses of adults looking for a way to relive their childhood fantasies. This nostalgic fantasy for reliving some fictionalized past when things were ``great`` is not only futile, but dangerous and embraced by too many people who seem willing to avoid reality at any cost.
Jacin Giordano is based in Easthampton, MA

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