Catherine Gibbs

During this time of uncertainty due to the COVID 19 Virus and the political climate in our country, I've used my art as a form of escapism. I've been focusing on places I've visited and found respite and peace. I seem to be drawn to beaches and the ocean. I always spend time in Maine in the summer months. The memories and energy of stormy seas seem to be making their way from my subconscious, and manifesting themselves into paintings.

This is a new subject matter for me. At this time I'm drawn to the drama and dynamism of the ocean. This subject matter provides me with an outlet for my pent up emotions, fears, and frustration but at same time provides hope. The tumultuous motion of the water reflects the turbulent times we are living in. The hope comes from the constancy of the natural world and knowing the calm is inevitable in time. The tide will go out again.

Catherine Gibbs is based in Westfield, MA

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