Amy Johnquest

During the long months of lock down and continued social distancing I made very little art and turned to more domestic activities. Trying not to give myself grief or worry about it, I chalked my idle paintbrushes up to allowing some time for creative percolating. When I did start to paint again (very recently) the nature of my work didn't dramatically shift, but the reality that every activity is permeated with the strangeness of this time naturally had an influence. I feel compelled to sign my work with the additional ``in the time of COVID 19`` marking the importance of the era. To me, the painted dots now represent more than cosmic transformation of time, life and death, but also the influences of the invisible microbial pointillism we humans randomly swirl about. In addition to the COVID influence, the outbreaks of fires that have ravaged the west coast (and more) have also wound up presenting an unintentional influence as well.

Amy Johnquest is based in Holyoke, MA

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