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Maggie Nowinski

I am in pursuit of visual expression

I, Maggie Nowinski, am an artist and musician whose studio is in Easthampton. I create work utilizing a variety of mediums. The materials themselves often hold symbolic meaning. Sometimes simply serving as a vehicle to express the visual scenario but, always, they add substance to the life of each piece. The "Portraits" began when I was an undergraduate painter and came into focus shortly after I received my B.F.A. in 1997. Various subjects are used when I make portraits. Whether depicting specific individuals, or simply universal manifestations of the individual, all contain a dialogue within which I attempt to reflect Western classical interpretations of the portrait, and contemporary culture. Many of the paintings have a central theme at the core and from this theme more subtle and/or specific themes grow. The concept of this central theme is oriented around the apparent, or perceived separation between the mind and body. While the mind carries notions of spirituality, time, season, love and the universal subconscious, it is the body that is exposed to the tactile experience of work, climate, sex, hunger and other physical circumstances. Portraying the dichotomy and symbiosis of this relationship is the primary focus of the Portraits. I also make work that is non-figurative. In these works I also employ a variety of mediums to create visual situations that depict some sort of abstract space. Some of these paintings are made with wood, nails, sand, and collaged objects, while others are simply oil on canvas. Many of these paintings are inspired by landscapes and make reference to natural and human made architectural scenarios. All of them leave room for the viewer to perceive and discover. I am currently working towards a Masters of Fine Arts degree through Vermont College. My palette and means of visual expression continually expand.