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Easthampton Feed

Providing feed for pets, farm animals, wild birds, gardens, pellet stoves and BBQ grills

Easthampton Feed's mission is to maintain a knowledgeable staff that can answer questions and help community members on their way to feeding their gardens and animal companions, thereby feeding their soul. We relish the fact that our customers are also our friends and neighbors, and that they are continuing the tradition of local food in local communities.

The owners of this family run business have been serving the community as Easthampton Feed since the end of 2007, and are also the owners of its sister store, Westfield Feed. The business, previously known as Community Feed, is still located in the same historic building where they first opened their doors over 90 years ago. Found right along the bike path between Union Street and the Eastworks building, the feed store was initially built there due to the proximity to the railroad that preceded the bike path. Trains would stop on the tracks and workers would erect chutes to send grain from railroad cars to the grain tower still present at the store. We are proud to maintain the spirit of this business in this historic building, tying Easthampton to its roots as a farming community. We are also proud to be finding ways to continue serving Easthampton and surrounding towns today, whether folks are on the go, kicking back in their yards with their families or looking to get back to those roots and create a modern day homestead.

Easthampton Feed loves to sell the handiwork of our customers and have / had locally made cat toys, bird houses and collapsible raised garden bed frames on our shelves. We would love to help local artists and makers showcase their work on artwalks, and to find more ways to connect with our community!