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Andrea Zax

I work in Fiber, weaving sewing costuming and wedding wear

I love to make things. I need to make art. I want to teach and share my techniques and pass on my knowledge. Living is art. My home is one of my big projects at the moment and I work on my loom and sewing machine as well. I love to make beautiful dresses.

Andrea Zax has been designing and sewing clothing for 25 years. She has worked with Boston Ballet, The Huntington Theater, Boston Conservatory, The University of Mass. to mention a few. Andrea has fit hundreds of people (brides, actresses, and dancers) into clothing, costumes and hats. Andrea has a B.F.A. from Massachusetts College of Art, but has been designing clothes since she got her first Barbie doll. Searching for a way to use her creative skills to earn a living she found theater and was drawn into itís web. Now with a rich background of varied skills she is teaching to share her knowledge with people who want to learn to make things like hats and clothing. Andrea still weaves, sews, makes hats and costumes as well as the teaching she has been doing for the last 5 years. My students pick up on my passion. They often experience a spark of realization when I explain how to do something or clarify some little step that had them stuck before. These are the moments that make teaching so great!