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Jay Dickinson


Art and Music and Science are like primary colors, able to be combined in infinite hues and shades. One discipline is no more important than another. For instance, we need art and music to give direction and reason to science, and we need science to give us the tools of existence.

I have always been interested in the intersection of Science and Art. As a kid I tinkered and experimented with mechanical things. I was brought up in an environment where participation in art and music was encouraged. My mother Nancy Dickinson was and is a working area artist. Given the type of work I create I must have been inspired early on by visiting the studio of the musical sculptor Harry Bertoir, a personal friend of my uncle John Willenbecher, also an artist working in NYC. I thought that somehow, someday artistic study would cross over into and influence the world of science, just as much as science had seemingly to me laid claim to the cross over into the art world. All the time that this idea was forming in my interests my father was a key influence to finding ways of making things happen through hard work and the development of a career (which became piano technology), and most importantly in connecting and serving people and family. My studies and work have lead me into that cross-over territory, and today is an exciting time for me seeing the rise of the MAKE movement, where artists are involved with such things as making electronic circuits and working with exotic media.

AA Music Education, Holyoke Community College BA Music Theory & Composition, UMass Amherst AS Electrical Technology, Springfield Tech Com. College AS Robotics, Springfield Tech Com. College 30+ years Self Employed as a Piano Technician working primarily in the western Mass area. Work includes piano maintenance and restoration for concerts, several area universities, recording studios, teaching studios, commercial venues and residential customers of all backgrounds. My studio for piano restoration and artwork/ inventions has been located in Easthampton since 2008. -Associate member of the Piano Technicians Guild -Volunteer at the Perkins School for the Blind -Volunteered as Exhibit Coordinator for the original Discover Westfield Children's Museum (now the Amelia Park Children's museum) Exhibits have included: -Tubular Harp, Clear Piano at the DWC Museum -Moving Notes at the former "Musical Petting Zoo" outreach of the Springfield Symphony Orchestra -Musical Gate and Stringed Water Feature at the 2013 Paragon Artwork exhibit Development and invention of the Banner Chimes musical flagpole awarded patents for music related inventions