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David Blair

I work with materiality, space, and the borders between the two

To make sense of the world, we all sort. We bundle, we pile, we stack..we make all kinds of seemingly automatic moves, until the raw data (material) is organized in a way that just feels right. I find myself fascinated by the whole process: the sorting, the bundling, and finally, the unbundling done by the mind's eye. It is remarkably akin to (other) organic processes, and tells something we are.

I started working full time when I was kicked out of art school at age 19. My 'art' always felt like the most important thing to me. My jobs were just a way of getting money so I could come back to my studio and do my real work. Night classes got me to a graduate program at RISD, which got me a job as a studio assistant for a well known sculptor in Providence. Now, all I do is my own work. I am proud to have come to my work in my own way.

I can not claim a list of highlights. I have shown, I have sold some work, but really not enough for bragging rights!