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George C. Phillips


I endeavor to promote peace and respect, via sensitive portrails of subject matter,humor and an adventurous spirit in my illustrations and stories.

Originally from Pittsfield, I honed my illustration skills at our family's kitchen table. My brothers and sisters were my first critics, and they continue in this role today! My goal with my illustrations, is to create works that intrigue and inspire as well as to educate and entertain.

I have illusrtated a wide range of educational materials. I illustrated a childrens/parents book on toilet-training with Little and Brown, in 1975. I have won some recognition fior some of my illustrations through the Society of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators. My affliation with the Pioneer Valley Illustrators group has been a truly growing experience. I derive most of my inspiration from children that I have known from around the world over many years, most notably, are my two wonderful daughters, Anna and Alissa.