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Cider House Media

Making first impressions that last

Our goal is to help businesses of all shapes and sizes stand out and be noticed. We do this through branding, design, website creation, on social media, and into print and video media. The internet is the path to a business's door. What a company looks like when web visitors show up is crucial to its success. It's all about that First Impression. Without a great first impression, no one will ever even knock at the door.

Cider House started in 1998 in a sleepy town in Southern California as a musing in the mind of our CEO, Lennie Appelquist. That musing became a passion that turned into a team of 14 creative minds all working toward the same goal: helping people and businesses shine so they can follow their passions to success. Now Lennie and his partner Elizabeth LaPrade have moved the team to the East Coast. Cider House is excited to be a part of the growing community of Easthampton, bringing a dedication to excellence, community service, and helping others to succeed.

Cider House Media will feature a new artist every month, with a grand kick-off at each Art Walk. The art will be displayed in a special section of the building: The Cider House Gallery.