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Blue Collar Artisans

Traditional Techniques, Creative New Ideas.

A lot of times people aren't sure what they want, or they aren't able to articulate their idea. I truly enjoy the exchange of ideas and listening to customers, for the little spark of inspiration, to interpret their vision and create a piece of decorative art or furniture that captures the idea in their head.

Since November 2006 Blue Collar Artisans has been working in metal, glass, and wood to design and create beautiful functional items that will stand the test of time, both in design and durability. I believe strongly that the things we use every day can be beautiful as well as functional. In my time as an Underwater Welder, and Bridge Welder, I developed a great appreciation for the way things are made. I appreciate seeing the human hand in the way things are built, from the hardware and welds on a beautifully built bridge to the very same elements in a bookshelf or chandelier.

01027 Sculptural Bike Rack, Easthampton, MA "Jakes" sign, Northampton, "Tru Beer" sign (steel), Easthampton, “Copper Bar Work” at Northampton Brewery, and “Bridges” you drive over daily, across the state.