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Vortex Dance Fitness Studio

Cabaret dance blends jazz, ballet, hip-hop, and lyrical dance for overall conditioning of the body.

To provide quality dance and yoga instruction which seeks to increase body intelligence, self love and acceptance, while being a fun creative form of getting and staying in shape.

We officially opened in May 2014 after years of the instructor giving zumba and yoga lessons as a part time job decided to turn this love of hers into a way of earning a living. Having worked with k-12 as a certified MA Science teacher and with community member from all walks of life during her service in the Peace Corps, she brings with her experience to bring more personal satisfaction and quality of life to anyone who comes to the studio for instruction.

Steps for dance class and asanas for yoga are broken down in a very easy way for beginners to learn. Modifications are offered and even the most seasoned dancer/yogi will find a way to challenge themselves through the progressions here.