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Andy Grant

Playing with the camera, I was fascinated by the effect of slowing down the shutter speed and moving deliberately while taking the picture. Teasing out underlying patterns of growth was magical: the colors intensified and distinct contours appeared amidst the blur of motion. The morning I discovered that I could use my ordinary digital camera in this way was January 7, 2007. Now as I refine my craft I use a more advanced digital camera but the simple joy remains. The technique, which I call Gestural Photography, is akin to painting with light. The sweet spot is second exposure, more or less. The motion effects are created in the field by spinning, sweeping, or waggling the camera as I open the shutter. Sometimes I move my whole body, sometimes just an arm or wrist. I review the initial image, checking to see what is emerging from the scene, and keep shooting to find the optimal expression. As my perception and gesturing technique improve, the path is cleared for me to meet the subject in its essence.