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Katja Fournier

Fine Art & Photography

I create fine art by painting and drawing. My subjects and concepts have been vast but the common thread seems to be nature and people. I am also a photographer who photographs events, portraits, weddings, and other misc happenings with an unobtrusive, photo-journalistic style.

Katja Fournier grew up in Springfield, MA in the 80s and 90s. Nestled in the valley, her creativity was nurtured with its vast diversity and eclecticism. Katja predominantly works in photography but also works with other media to create fine art including acrylics, soft pastels, charcoal, and graphite. In addition she creates traditional Native American crafts using natural materials such as bark, vines, stone, leather, feathers, as well as items such as glass beads. The strategy that she uses in creating any of her work is to find the raw essence, the raw humanity, the story, the tradition, and perhaps esoteric meaning within all of her subject matter, and then to translate all of that among her chosen media. Katja believes that artists were put in the world to help others process their emotions and everything that happens. Viewers find validation and empathy within art whether it be within joy or despair. By creating art with this strategy, she feels that she offers catharsis to both herself and to others.