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Written Wings

Writing and Consulting for People Working Toward a Better World

The mission of Written Wings is to help people fulfill their dreams of making the world a more beautiful place for all of us. The tools are writing and consulting.

I launched Written Wings in 2011, after leaving my former career as a writer and editor for English textbooks. Inspired by the idea of using my own art to help others do great work in the world, I completed an 8-month one-on-one grant writing apprenticeship with local grant writer Suzanne Bowles, then started my own business. I write grants and outreach/marketing materials for individuals, nonprofits, and mission-based businesses. I also offer consultation on messaging and strategic planning. As an award-winning writer of fiction and poetry, I coach, critique, and edit for writers. I've also tutored students from second grade to graduate school in writing.

* Grants for artists & arts organizations * Outreach/marketing materials * Strategic planning & messaging strategy * Coaching, critique, and editing for any manuscript * Writing, editing, and project management for any publication * Coaching on building a business through networking * Facilitating writers' groups * Tutoring writers at any level