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Big Wheel Press/The Hebrew Press

Big Wheel Press Letterpress Studio and Type Compositors

Big Wheel Press is a traditional letterpress studio printing on 19th and early 20th century printing presses. We specialize in custom wedding invitation, fine art prints, greeting cards, and historic reproductions. Lead type is cast at the studio on Ludlow and Intertype linecasters. We are the only studio casting Hebrew/Yiddish type on a daily basis in North America.

The press was founded in 2006 in Northampton and relocated to Easthampton in 2013. We print on two Vandercook cylinders presses, a Miehle V-50 vertical press, and a range of clam shell platen presses. In addition we print on an 1899 iron handpress. This fall we are restoring a 1926 Intertype (linotype)which will be devoted to casting Hebrew/Yiddish type in hot lead.

Big Wheel Press offers monthly letterpress workshops and internships. School tours can be arranged by appointment.