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Meagan Murphy

Activating Inner Wisdom Through Storytelling

I believe lasting social change can be generated through storytelling and film. When we share our stories with courage and daring we help create a world where everyone is seen. The Breast Archives documentary project has awakened and inspired me to develop a concept called "sensual feminism,” which is empowerment that’s derived from the integration of the sensual self with our day-to-day psyche.

In 20+ years of experience in film and broadcast (12 years with PBS-WGBY), Meagan Murphy earned a Communicator’s Award for work with teens and a Medical Journalism Fellowship. Her film repertoire includes Night Deposit, Fathers & Sons, and Victor’s Big Score. She also completed a 2-year women’s spirituality program and was trained as a girls’ mentor. In 2012 Meagan formed Deliberate Healing Productions LLC and is currently producing The Breast Archives, a film about body-based wisdom, and the complex, undiscussed relationship women have with their breasts. Ms. Murphy is a member of the Easthampton Arts Council, Women in Film & Video, eWomen, and WBOA.

The Communicator, for Making It Here: Teen Style, 2008 Blue Cross/Blue Shield’s Medical Journalism Fellowship, 2003 Time, Inc’s The Freddy Award, for Cardiovascular Disease Patient Education, 2000