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The Haberdashery

Goods & Guidance for Crafty Homesteaders

The Haberdashery is a resource for a new generation of makers. It is a place where people can find materials, information, guidance and instruction for a wide variety of pursuits towards self-sufficiency. From candle-making to book-binding, upholstery to agriculture, hat-making to canning, we are here to support the rising tides of a post-consumerist culture. We will connect with farmers, producers, artisans and educators who share our values. We will inspire people to make instead of buy and educate them with the tools they need to do so. We will keep our money local and accept class barters from those without disposable income. In our retail store we will carry a selection of tools and materials, focusing on locally produced and hard-to-find goods. For example: beeswax from a local apiary, hand-forged scissors from an independent cutler, soles for shoe-making and reeds for basket-weaving. We will house an in-store library of instructional and inspirational reference books and offer a line of how-to instructions for many kinds of projects. We will offer a wide range of classes taught by ourselves and our ever-expanding network of local artisans.

Co-founders Melody Litwin & Chris Figge first envisioned the concept of The Haberdashery in the spring of 2013. Once the concept was born, you couldn't very well stop us! We've been plugging on ever since. Through an Indiegogo campaign and four months of never-ending renovations, we have finally arrived! We opened on March 14, 2014 and we have so many ideas for the future of The Haberdashery that we simply can't wait to share with you.

Since the very beginning, we have been putting on folk shows from our living room simply because we love it. At first, we used them as a platform for promoting our budding business. We hope to maintain the tradition we've begun in conjunction with Art Walk. In the past we have hosted a variety of roots musicians both local and touring, small and large: Bird Courage The Dire Honeys Eljebel The Primate Fiasco Wooden Dinosaur Free Advice The Ephemeral String Band and more!