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My long term love affair with the mass produced art of Americana is what inspires, influences, and drives my artwork. Drawing on sources ranging from the letter press work of the Hatch Print Show to the art of the comic book page, my work utilizes aspects of commercialism as a means of critical commentary on the consumerist nature of our society. I turn the art of advertising on its head and use it to sell ideas and encourage people to wake up and question what we've been sold by corporate driven mainstream media; my graphics function as commercials for declarations that are designed to challenge viewers and provoke discussion and debate. Much like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein and their interpretations of advertisements and comic strips, my work tends to be both an homage to and a deconstruction of traditional commercial art. Using the tools of the 21st century and creating images that are clearly computer generated in this tribute to the look of poster art and advertising from the early to mid 20th century allows me to put a modern spin on work that could otherwise be dismissed as merely retro or nostalgia driven and instead emphasizes the continued relevance of commercial imagery in our highly sales-driven, consumerist, marketing-targeted society.

J. Andrew World is the writer and illustrator of the progressive political webcomics Right About Now and Word Salad. He also designs eye-catching graphics highlighting inspirational, thought provoking, and sometimes controversial quotes. He is committed to using his talents for raising awareness of community challenges and for encouraging open and respectful debate. Although he has lived everywhere from Texas to Turkey in his lifetime, he has long been drawn to and loved the Pioneer Valley and is very glad that he is able to call it home once again. When not creating art or writing, J. Andrew does his best to remember to spend time with his wife, their very silly daughters, and their cats.

2014: Will have a suitably blasphemous illustration appearing in Dave Silverman's book, "Me, Atheist" 2013 (December): Exhibited at the After Artwalk Video Party at The Waugh Agency. 2010: Group project from class at Towson University selected to show at the National Art Education Association Annual Conference 2006: Nominated for Best Fan Artist Neffy Award from the National Fantasy Fan Federation 2005: Won invitation design contest for the annual faculty art show for the illustration program at the Community College of Baltimore County