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Lyell Castonguay

Original handmade woodcut prints

I make animals, particularly birds, into mythological creatures. The woodcuts I create combine elements of man and beast. Their large beaks and beady eyes reflect classic human archetypes such as ferocity and determination. Exaggeration and physical distortion are themes that I often revisit. By marrying elements of reality with fiction, my animals become a series of myths. These personified creatures range in dimension up to 48 by 48. My subjects, often monumental in scale, are confrontational and eager to engage with the viewer. Their wide eyes and open mouth depict a fleeting restlessness or passing emotion. All of these details, real or imagined, stem from personal allegory.

Lyell Castonguay is printmaker based in Easthampton, MA. He has taught BIG INK Large Scale Woodcut at Zea Mays Printmaking in Florence, MA and has held spontaneous outdoor printmaking demos in Western Massachusetts. Castonguay is the recipient of three previous Massachusetts Cultural Council grants. Favorite artists include Antonio Frasconi, Leonard Baskin, Bruce Waldman, and Christopher Hartshorne, among others. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including France, Ireland, and Wales.


People in Print - Lyell Castonguay - Large Woodcuts from Lyell C. on Vimeo.