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Lauren Parent

Inspired by aerial landscapes and radiographic images, the subjects represented in my work are broad in thematic scale. However, all these pieces were driven by the desire to discover new territory and created using the same process. This work was made by slicing a mound of spray foam into layers. Each layer is inked and pressed onto paper to create a print. Air bubbles in the foam are a dominant element in the prints and as such, the compositions are largely unplanned. When I sit down to paint on top of each print, the process is one of discovery. Here is a little lake, a crater, or even a tumor. Thematically, my work is inspired by what is going on in my life at the time, but more importantly, my practice exists in the realm of process. Numbering is a way to take control over the composition, but also a meditation; a method used to slow down and spend more time with each piece. By working in this way, I am not creating artwork. I am discovering it.

Born in Vermont, Lauren now lives and works in Easthampton, MA. Lauren received her MFA in 2008 from the California College of the Arts and her BFA in Visual Arts from Skidmore College in 2000. Her drawings, paintings and sculpture have been exhibited throughout the US and abroad. Recently, Lauren was the first artist to show in a series of contemporary art exhibited at a historical society in Northampton MA. This new work included fragments of ceramic and shell that were excavated from a midden found on site.