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Amanda Petrovato

In much of my recent work I create figures and faces of chalk and graphite on paper. I am motivated to make art by my fascination with the process of image making out of basic elements and I'm often trying new ideas and media. I'm interested in the way the mind interacts and responds to simple postures and expressions of the human form and face. I'm often surprised by the complex stories my mind will make up in response to the relative positioning and expressions of the figures in a composition. This response to such images is universal but unique to every individual. I have been inspired by representations of the human form that appear in folk art and children's art as well as the patterns of the image surface of ancient art in caves and rock faces. My process and my images reflect some of my own struggles with anxiety and fear and my personal interior mythology. My Instagram profile is at

BFA University of Texas at Austin. Works shown in group shows in Austin, TX and Easthampton, MA.