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Lisette Anne Lopez

Website(s) in progress. More art forms & genres than you can shake a tree full of sticks at.

If an artist was ever water, that is I. Flowing constantly, arranging my molecules to align in any medium while ultimately maintaining my true form. My specialty is representational painting. Though the realm I chose to represent may appear to have similar objects in figure to our common reality, this is merely to draw a visual parallel to a world beyond the senses, especially sight. I work with the understanding that color and form are the words of a language and with them I can tell elaborate stories, or perhaps just say one word very succinctly. Ultimately I prefer art, as life to be experienced on multiple nuances, as if each moment was a cross-section and we could carefully observe each fiber as if it were our whole world. Don't get cross-eyed and remember to zoom out. Beauty is in the details though nothing is anything with the opposite to lend perspective. It is the contrast of a shadow that accentuates the luminous. It is the rising and falling of the blood-tides in our body that keep us holy, in tune with the changes. We can not push the sun down from rising and neither hold the moon up longer, these things are, or so appear to be...

I am a Woman. My nerve endings are alive. I have learned to control aperture so as to not be blinded by light though never be immersed in darkness. We are here to learn. We are here to teach each other.

Much of the work I have done to this point I did not feel an urgency to document, there is some available for viewing in the internet, though for the most part what I have accomplished and created holds nothing to what I am capable of and will.