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Easthampton Art Guild

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist........Pablo Picasso

The Easthampton Art Guild is made up of a diverse group of artists who meet weekly to pursue their art. Guild members have the opportunity to paint, draw, share and learn techniques, attend demonstrations, and exhibit their work. The group is committed to creating an environment that is supportive, respectful and inspiring. MEMBERS: Hazel Adolphson, Nancy Caffall, Elizabeth Chase, Terry Faivre, Eleanor Herman, Nancy Nickerson, Joanne O'Leary, Noreen Lucey, Lois Peirent, Nancy Perry, Mary Ann Austin, Betty Schaffer, Marjorie Tauer, Marguerite Wilson, Gwen Welan, Debra Hughes

The creation of the Easthampton Art Guild was inspired by art classes offered through the Enrichment Center of the Easthampton Council on Aging. The Guild began in 2006 with two goals: first, to provide local artists who are seniors the opportunity to create and share art; and second, to involve the community by bringing art to the community and the community to art. The first goal is met through opportunities to create art, to experience artists’ demonstrations, and to have several art exhibits thorough out the year. To meet the second goal, the guild has written and facilitated several grants. These projects, supported in part by the Local Arts Council, have arranged community visits to art museums in Boston and Hartford; provided artist demonstrations for the public; and created opportunities for high school students to experience our rich local art community through visits to local art studios and by having an art exhibit at Jean Pierre Pasche’s Elusie Gallery, where they also learned how to frame art. This last project continues as an Easthampton High School annual Spring Arts Festival. It involves continuing support from the Easthampton Learning Foundation, the dedication of the Easthampton High School arts departments, in particular Eileen Claveloux, and the continued support of Jean Pierre Pasche's Elusie Gallery.

EVENTS: Autumn 2017: Reception for Municipal Gallery show for November is 11/9 from 4-5:30. The ECA+ 8x8 reception is 11/9 5:30-8:00 p.m. ______ This year The Easthampton Municipal Building will occasionally display a group show with artistic work by many EAG members including but not limited to Majorie Taur, Betty Stull Schaffer, Nancy Caffall, Eleanor Herman and Elizabeth Chase._______________________________Currently we are looking to future shows and working avidly to learn new medium criteria while keeping in mind that we can break those rules during our creative process of design and application.___ We have many learning journeys ahead of us this year and as we learn we will also have the opportunity to show them occasionally at the Town Hall art space as the year and the creative processes forge ahead. _____Looking further ahead we are working diligently to prepare for our fall and winter shows that may include local libraries and the Old Town Hall art space. Some of our members have individual art shows around Pioneer Valley and will be acknowledged here when specific times and locations are available.___Find your creative space_____a corner or a room___and bring out your creative space to share with others. Artists' images rotate on ECA+ website.