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Lynne Margaret Adams

landscape painter

My passion for nature focuses my attention on landscape as my primary genre. The endangered aspect of our rural and open spaces lends an urgency to my work. For this reason I have chosen to live and work in Western Massachusetts. Here there are still places left that I can find solitude to paint. Its mountains, farms, rivers, woods, and lakes have been my classroom and studio for the past 22 years. Sadly, many of the farms I have painted have been destroyed by “development.” By painting these places, I feel I have somehow memorialized them. My painting sessions always begin with direct observation of nature. I find the challenges of the wildness exhilarating—rain, wind, cold, bugs, light changes, everything moving and alive. It feels like a race to capture my experience. Many times I will start the oil painting on location and add refining touches in the studio. Other times I will make color studies in acrylic or pastel which I will do an oil painting from in the studio. On occasion I have painted a whole work from a memory I’ve had in nature. As I explore the landscape I am sometimes so moved by the incredible beauty that I am breathless. How can I ever do it justice? How can I ever pay respect to this treasure? On my journey as a landscape painter I strive to distill my impressions of place and time to clearly communicate an essence or truth about the power of nature that I have witnessed.

Clark University, Massachusetts College of Art, Johnson Studio School

2 Massachusetts Arts Lottery Grants Harris I. Cohen Purchase Award