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Elusie Fine Art Gallery

The Elusie Gallery is dedicated to providing a venue for local (and sometimes not so local) artists to exhibit their work, and offering an opportunity to the public to discover and enjoy local, (and sometimes not so local!) talent. Th selection of art shown in the Gallery is very eclectic, we like as much to offer a chance to emerging artists than to show the work of established ones. Please contact us if you're interested in having an exhibition at the Elusie Gallery.

The Elusie Gallery is a part of Big Red Frame, established in 2001, owned and operated by Easthampton resident Jean-Pierre Pasche, who has been involved in creative custom framing for artists, homes and businesses since 1987

We are proud to be part of the revival of Easthampton's Old Town Hall. In this historic and central location, The Elusie Gallery has been able to organize and host numerous exhibitions and arts related community and fundraising events.